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Communications Specialist

I develop effective online communications strategies. I believe that a robust communication plan should consist of compelling written and visual content that dynamically adapts to the viewer. In other words, the layout and design should be responsive to the myriad of viewports, i.e., computer, tablet and mobile devices; in addition, messaging should be customized for website, email or social media delivery. For messaging to break through the complacent, ad-saturated environment it must make use of media-rich content that include animations, data-viz graphics, striking photos and top-quality short videos.
The good news is: I can do all that.

In over 10+ years of professional workplace experience I have seen business marketing plans evolve from brochures and business cards to today's complex electronic messaging. I have developed a strong skillset that applies to the diversity of print and online communications. I have worked in communications and marketing departments for news media, associations, retail, industrial and entertainment operations. I am currently based in the Northern Virginia / Washington, D.C. area. I develop original graphics for online presentations, and thrive in environments where I can use my passion for photography and videography to leverage messaging to a higher level.

web design • photo manipulation • email campaigns • social networking • print design • photography • video production Photoshop • InDesign • Illustrator • Flash • Dreamweaver • Quark • FinalCutProX • Motion • Zope • CQ5 • WordPress
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Awards and Certificates of Merit:

Best Web Site-Small Market: 2005, 2006 -Regional-RTNDA
Best Web Site: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 -VA Assoc. Press Broadcasters
Best Web Site: 2007 -Virginia Association of Broadcasters

“Mitch is a wonderful web designer to work with as he understands the entire picture when putting together a product. He realizes the end result of the design is to bring traffic AND revenue to the business. Always willing to help where needed.”
September, 2010, Frank Hammon, News Director, Star Radio Group
“Mitch has a great creative flair, and comes up with 'outside the box' solutions to our graphical needs. He's easy to deal with, and is good at understanding the needs of his clients. He's very well versed in the technology used in his field. He has good vision to be able to see the best path from concept to finished product. He's a pleasure to work with!”
September, 2010, Ward Bulkley, Owner: Award Technologies

“As webmaster for our radio group, Mitch was quite an asset. His rapport with our Account Executives as well as our clients was second to none and his knowledge of his craft was extensive.”
January, 2011 Shelly Bynum, Production Director, Star Radio Group